Web Design Pricing Info

Our current hourly rate is $40. A small website of fewer than three pages and no complex components (e.g., a contact form) should take fewer than 10 hours to build. Much larger websites, as well as WordPress sites, will take much longer. Clients can significantly decreased the amount of time necessary to build a website by providing good content, such as quality digital images and clear, clean text.

Clients must also consider domain and hosting costs. Domain names typically cost under $15 per year. It is usually best to register your own domain name to ensure you retain ownership of it. Some web hosts will offer to register a domain name when you sign up for hosting, but they may retain control over the name, which could result in your inability to use the name should you ever decide to move to a different web host.

We can provide hosting at a reasonable rate dependent on website size and number of visitors. Clients may also choose their own third-party web host. Two hosts with which we have worked are Surpass Hosting and HostGator.

NOTE: When researching web hosts, make sure to check whether they include additional services such as email. Be wary of hosts with very low rates (or even free hosting). They often do not include extra services and many do not even support basic web programming languages necessary for most modern websites to function properly.

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